The Pricing System for Designers
The Pricing System for Designers
The Pricing System for Designers
The Pricing System for Designers
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The Pricing System for Designers

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Most designers don't charge enough for their work

And many more struggle with setting pricing and estimating project costs. 

If this sounds like you then this 90 minute short course will help you gain the knowledge you need to price your services effectively. 

In this course we take a systematic approach to estimate and set prices that align with your revenue goals. No more guessing or plucking numbers out of thin air. 

Here's why you'll love this course: 

🎯 Clarity and Confidence: Say goodbye to pricing confusion. You'll implement an actionable pricing system that will help you confidently estimate your revenue targets each month. 

⏱️ Time and Effort Savings: No more trying to figure out how much to charge or struggling with inconsistent pricing. Our proven pricing model streamlines the process, allowing you to efficiently price your services and start actually making money. 

📈 Profitability and Growth: Take control of your financial success. The course equips you with the tools and strategies to price your services competitively while ensuring profitability. By understanding your worth and value, you'll attract the right clients and create a foundation for long-term business growth.

Bonus resources included with the course: 

✅ Fee Proposal Templates: Impress clients with professional and persuasive fee proposals. Our templates are designed for both large and small design projects, ensuring you present your pricing with confidence. 

✅ Invoice Template: Simplify your billing process with our ready to use invoice template. Present your charges professionally and ensure prompt payment.

✅ Email Script Templates: Save time and effort with our curated collection of email scripts. From initial inquiries to project updates, our templates help you communicate with professionalism and clarity.

✅ The Pricing Formula Spreadsheet: Unlock the power of data-driven pricing decisions using the pricing formula spreadsheet. 

✅ The Expenses Worksheet: Gain control of your expenses and accurately factor them into your pricing. Our worksheet ensures you cover all costs and achieve your desired profitability.

Don't let pricing confusion hold you back from achieving your financial goals. Say goodbye to undercharging and hello to pricing success!

The Little Design Corner Business Courses:

✅  All of our business courses are short and highly actionable. 

✅  The aim is to get you the outcome of the course in under 2 hours.

✅  All of our business courses come with a training video, workbook, and where required, templates, downloads, links, and other valuable resources!

✅ Once you have purchased the course block out some time in your diary, watch the training, and take action on what you have learned 💪

What other designers are saying about this course: 

🥳  This was eye opening. I've had my design business for nearly 20 years and have relied on experience and gut instinct to price jobs. Mostly this has been successful but there have certainly been times when I've been caught short and wished I had a fool proof pricing strategy. The pricing formula is invaluable.  I am putting on a designer this week and after many moments of panic I now finally have some comfort that the numbers will work. Just brilliant, thank you! - Janet

🥳  Your templates are invaluable! So much to do but it's huge help. Thank you! - Kate

🥳  This was great training and helped to reinforce what I am doing! - Rebecca

🥳  That was really useful, thank you...I only started to charge for my initial consultation in the last couple of years and its been a game changer!  Certainly weeds out all the time wasters x - Melanie

🥳  This was amazing thank you. Up to now I haven't known where to go for this sort of information. So unbelievably valuable and very much appreciated - Michelle

🥳  This was amazing. So in depth and easy to understand. I always struggle with pricing but this has made it so much easier. I've never felt confident to charge an initial consultation fee- I've done mine for free. I will be charging from now on! - Natasha

More information about our business courses and templates for designers + architects

At The Little Design Corner, we are all about helping you take messy action so you can improve your design business a little bit at a time. 

Our aim is to help you upgrade your professionalism and profitability by providing you with actionable resources that will improve the way you work with clients, how you run your business and where you spend your time.   

When your business improves, you will build in confidence, make better decisions, and win back the time and freedom to spend doing the things you LOVE (like working on your client designs or simply spending more time with your family!). 

We offer lifetime access to all course and template purchases. This means you can revisit the materials at your convenience and refining your skills whenever you need to. 😀 


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