Design Concept Presentation Template
Design Concept Presentation Template
Design Concept Presentation Template
Design Concept Presentation Template

Design Concept Presentation Template

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Improve your client presentations with a professional design concept 

The key to happy clients and successful projects is engaging story telling and clear communication. A professional Design Concept Presentation Template will help with both these goals and transform the way you present concepts to clients.

Created in Canva, this 15-page template has easy drag and drop functionality so you will spend less time on formatting and more time bringing your design ideas to life.

What's included:

✅ Tell a compelling visual story that takes clients on a journey through your design vision (this will lead to more engagement from clients and faster approvals).

✅ The template's structure allows you to systematically break down your design, making it digestible and easy to understand.

✅ Turn complex ideas into engaging visual presentations that speak directly to your clients' needs and wants.

✅ Focus on sharing your creative work, not struggling with design software.

✅ Fast track design approvals and cut down on lengthy back and forth communication.

Your presentations will no longer just detail your designs, they will tell a compelling visual story that makes client approvals faster and easier.

Good to know: 

⭐️ You can fully customise fonts, logos and branding (and even change languages) - all drag and drop.

⭐️ Can be used with the free version of Canva (paid subscription not required).

⭐️ One time purchase, no ongoing fees for multiple project uses.

⭐️ Simple to use and comes with video instructions to get you set up.

⭐️ Immediately sent to you once you've signed up - get started right away.

⭐️ More than pays for itself in the time savings you make by purchasing a pre-made template.

⭐️ Will immediately upgrade the professional look and feel of your business so you can get back to working with clients rather than spending your time making templates! 

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