Interior Decoration (Furniture Schedule) Template
Interior Decoration (Furniture Schedule) Template
Interior Decoration (Furniture Schedule) Template
Interior Decoration (Furniture Schedule) Template

Interior Decoration (Furniture Schedule) Template

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Your go-to solution for creating professional furniture packages

Built in Canva, this 33 page, drag and drop template makes creating a furniture package or schedule a breeze.

This template is similar to the Fixtures & Finishes Schedule (Spec Book) but has been designed for projects where hard finishes selections are not required (e.g. the work that many Interior Decorators do).

It is also used by Interior Designers/Architects who have already done hard finishes selections earlier in a project and now need to prepare a styling/furniture package towards the end of a project. 

About the template: 

✅ Impress your clients with clear, well organised furniture schedules that showcase your design vision and attention to detail.

✅ Expedite client approval processes and move forward to implementation faster.

✅ Free up your time to focus on what you love - designing.

✅ Each page is fully customisable to your specific needs. Simply drag and drop content to create a schedule that suits each unique project.

✅ Change your brand fonts, colours and images with the click of a button.

✅ Save time and increase productivity. The quicker you can move through each project, the more money you will make!

The Furniture Schedule Template is built to enhance your client communication, make you look more professional and ultimately accelerate your business growth.

Good to know: 

⭐️ You can fully customise fonts, logos and branding (and even change languages) - all drag and drop.

⭐️ Can be used with the free version of Canva (paid subscription not required).

⭐️ One time purchase, no ongoing fees for multiple project uses.

⭐️ Simple to use and comes with video instructions to get you set up.

⭐️ Immediately sent to you once you've signed up - get started right away.

⭐️ More than pays for itself in the time savings you make by purchasing a pre-made template.

⭐️ Will immediately upgrade the professional look and feel of your business so you can get back to working with clients rather than spending your time making templates!

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