The Client Welcome Pack
The Client Welcome Pack
The Client Welcome Pack
The Client Welcome Pack

The Client Welcome Pack

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Improve your onboarding process and impress your clients with a Client Welcome Pack 🤝

😒 Stop those annoying texts from clients on a Sunday afternoon

🥳 Impress your clients right from the start of their project

Here's how a Client Welcome Pack will completely change the way you work with your clients:

🌟 Professional First Impression: Set the tone for a successful project and impress your clients from the start

⏳ Time Saver: No more reinventing the wheel every time you start a new project! This ready made template allows you to quickly personalise your welcome pack for each client, giving you more time to focus on creating your designs.

🎯 Clear Communication: Establish project expectations, timelines and budgets from the start. Minimise misunderstandings and avoid those annoying client calls and texts at all times of the day and night!

😊 Enhanced Client Experience: Delight your clients with a smooth and organised onboarding process. This will make them feel they’ve made the right decision choosing you as their designer. 🤩 

💡 BONUS: The template also includes a short video workshop to help you get set up and make sure you cover all your bases and keep your projects on track! 📋🎥

Ready to elevate your interior design business to new heights? 🚀

All the hard work has been done for you. You simply add your branding and custom text and it's ready to use! 

Included in the template are 19 page layouts that you can mix and match as needed - all created specifically for designers and architects and the type of work that we do. 

A matching invoice template is also included with the pack if you need it. 

Once you've signed up you will get immediate access to the template plus a video training to help you implement all of the features. 

In less than an hour you'll have your own custom branded client welcome pack template that you can then tailor and update quickly and easily each time you are onboarding a new client. 

Also make sure to check out all the other templates in our shop. They're designed to work together seamlessly, ensuring a consistent, professional image is presented to your clients across all stages of their project journey.

💰 Your investment: All our templates are a small, one time investment. Put an end to recurring payments for subscription based design software and reuse the templates for every project. They will save you hours of time in creating your own and as your business grows the templates more than pay for themselves.

Good to know: 

⭐️ you can fully customise fonts, logos and branding (and even change languages)

⭐️ can be used with the free version of Canva (paid subscription not required)

⭐️ one-time purchase, no ongoing fees for multiple project uses

⭐️  simple to use and comes with video instructions to get you set up

What other designers are saying about the template: 

🥳  That was fantastic. I have just sent it off to my client that accepted my proposal yesterday. My onboarding in the past has been done via an email with details in it about how I work and kick off meeting. So I am happy with how professional I look now - Julie

🥳  Thanks Clare such a good tool for my business, don't know why i never had this in place to begin with! such a no brainer - Natasha

🥳  I loved this tutorial, I had a great time putting my welcome pack together - Michelle

🥳  Just sent out my first welcome pack -really happy with it. Thank you for the template and all the tips. Never ever would have been able to put something so professional looking before - Gina

🥳  I did it :) this was a huge help for my business.  I never had a Welcome Pack for new clients, and it was something I wanted to incorporate to elevate my client experience.  Sets clear expectations for all parties and is a luxury touch for the customer service. - Jacqueline

More information about our business courses and templates for designers + architects

At The Little Design Corner, we are all about helping you take messy action so you can improve your design business a little bit at a time. 

Our aim is to help you upgrade your professionalism and profitability by providing you with actionable resources that will improve the way you work with clients, how you run your business and where you spend your time.   

When your business improves, you will build in confidence, make better decisions, and win back the time and freedom to spend doing the things you LOVE (like working on your client designs or simply spending more time with your family!). 

We offer lifetime access to all course and template purchases. This means you can revisit the materials at your convenience and refining your skills whenever you need to. 😀 


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