Instagram for Designers
Instagram for Designers
Instagram for Designers
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Instagram for Designers

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Use Instagram as a strategic marketing tool

While growing my Instagram page to 148K+ followers I have learned a lot about how to leverage the platform to find more clients (it's not just a place to share pretty pictures!).

Instagram has always been one of my biggest sources of revenue in my 7-figure business (and it has been ever since my following was only a few thousand people - you don't need a big following to grow a successful business!).

In this course I share 18 short video trainings that provide you with a step-by-step blueprint for Instagram success.

I unpack what I've learned while growing my Instagram page and how you can use Instagram to grow your business too. 

What you'll learn: 

 How to use Instagram as a strategic marketing tool by understanding the algorithm, optimising your profile and learning how to use it to attract your ideal client.

 Proven strategies to enhance your engagement and build a loyal community of followers.

 How to create engaging content, use stories effectively and make the most of Instagram's powerful features such as story highlights, live videos and reels. 

 How to write captions that actually stop people's scroll by using storytelling and connection content. 

 How to use tools like location tagging to expand your reach, develop strategic partnerships and attract clients in your local area. 

 How to use direct messages to sell your services in a genuine and non-salesy way. 

The course is broken into 18 short video trainings. Here's what is included:

 Part One Part Two

🔹  An introduction to this series of trainings

🔹  Overview/tour of the Instagram platform

🔹  Algorithm overview

🔹  Improving your name and bio area

🔹  Improving your clickable link

🔹  Upgrading your content

🔹 Improving how you use stories

🔹  Creating story highlights

🔹  How to write better captions

🔹  Introduction to Part 2

🔹  Instagram Video and why you need to use it

🔹  What are reels and how to get started

🔹  Live Video 

🔹  How to set up guides

🔹  How to be more strategic with your hashtags

🔹  Improve your engagement

🔹  How to use location tagging (and why!)

🔹  Using the DMs to sell your services (in a non-salesy way!)

Good to know:

⭐️ Short and highly actionable. 

⭐️ Comes with training videos, workbook, templates, downloads, links and other valuable resources.

⭐️ Once you've signed up you will get immediate access to the all the content and can start straight away.

⭐️ Self paced learning and lifetime access to the content.

What designers are saying about this course:

🥳  Thank you once again for a great training! I'm doing most of the things you mention but I somewhat still feel you're speaking to me directly with these points 😂
One thing I definitely have to work on is sharing more personal things and behind the scenes, so that's what I'll focus on this month! - Nadine

🥳  Is this training just for me ?!! Lol. I sure do need it. And thanks for translating from the Aussie Clare! - Gina

🥳  Thanks for this Clare - perfect timing AGAIN!! I have now created a load of new refreshed branding marketing posts to go out into FB & IG this week & so I’ll find these tips incredibly useful! - Sarah

🥳  Wow - I knew I needed help with this,.... but I didn't know how much I didn't know !!!!! - Gina

🥳  Thank you - love the bite size training tips - Michelle

🥳  My favourite part of this training was the improving your caption writing!! - Courtney

🥳  The best tips I got from these trainings were in the Hashtag video. Many other great tips in the others though as well 👏🤗 - Nicole


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