Upgrade Your Client Experience
Upgrade Your Client Experience
Upgrade Your Client Experience
Upgrade Your Client Experience
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Upgrade Your Client Experience

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Elevate your business by delivering exceptional client experiences. 

When it comes to growing your business, there's a simple yet powerful principle: happy clients mean more clients. Word of mouth referrals and positive recommendations are invaluable for attracting new business and fostering long term success.

In this short course you will learn the art of creating exceptional client experiences that leave a lasting impact. 

Why you'll love this course: 

🌟 Enhanced Reputation and Referrals: By providing an outstanding client experience, you'll generate positive word of mouth referrals, expanding your client base organically.

⭐️ Exceed Expectations: It's not enough to meet expectations; the aim should be to surpass them. The course empowers you to go above and beyond, creating memorable moments that leave a lasting impact on your clients.

🗺️ Client Journey Mapping: Gain a deep understanding of your clients' journey with your business. Discover the key touch points, from initial contact to project completion and learn how to optimise each interaction for maximum client satisfaction.

💼 Competitive Advantage: Stand out from the competition by making exceptional customer experience your differentiator. In a world of choices, clients will choose your business because of the exceptional value and service you provide.

✨ Plug and Play Strategies: Implement actionable strategies immediately. The course equips you with a toolkit of proven techniques and best practices that can be seamlessly integrated into your business today. 

📣 Amplify Your Brand: Happy clients become your brand advocates. By creating remarkable experiences you'll cultivate a strong and positive brand reputation that resonates with your target audience.

Upgrade your client experience and unlock the power of exceptional service. Let happy clients become your business's biggest promoters and watch your reputation soar.

Your journey to success begins with providing unforgettable experiences.

The Little Design Corner Business Courses:

✅  All of our business courses are short and highly actionable. 

✅  The aim is to get you the outcome of the course in under 2 hours.

✅  All of our business courses come with a training video, workbook, and where required, templates, downloads, links, and other valuable resources!

✅ Once you have purchased the course block out some time in your diary, watch the training, and take action on what you have learned 💪

What other designers are saying about this course: 

🥳  WOW WOW WOW This is super helpful, thank you Clare for creating all of this for us! I love that there are checklists for the whole process, and love that there are many details I wouldn't have thought of that really elevate the client experience - thanks for all the amazing ideas! - Linette

🥳  Amazing!  Loved it Clare.  I particularly love the idea of a project handover folder.  I've used a box file before for the various appliance instructions / guarantees and paint charts etc., but this is whole other level up! - Melanie

🥳  There is so much useful information here - I'm just loving it 😃 - Maria

🥳  Thank you so much, what a great training. I wish I had this a couple of years ago. There are areas where I have certainly been letting my client down and myself down - Julie

🥳  Loved this training! So incredibly helpful! I can’t wait to start tracking my clients’ journeys - Polly

🥳  Wow what a huge amount of work and content you have provided for us! I can see that this will help me for years to come! Thank you so much for all your hard work and generosity - Kate

🥳  Another training that has saved me hours of thought, design time, then more thought organizing into a process I can repeat! It's probably the smallest thing in this training, but I loved the new client folder and subfolder for my computer. I have so many client folders cluttering my screen with repeated files or photos. Before and after photos are in multiple places on my computer. This system alone is a big first step to get more organized on my computer and in my brain - Lyndee

🥳  Another fantastic session thanks Clare. 🙌.. those email scripts have been plugged into my business and are saving me so much time and also getting those paid consults rolling in beautifully - Margaret

AMAZING training, really helpful as I've just been asked by a client to design a kitchen for her and with your checklist I know exactly at what stage I am in the project! - Nicoline

🥳  Fantastic training Claire, packed with SOOO much content !! I think I’ll make a note to revisit this one again for sure! - Danielle

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At The Little Design Corner, we are all about helping you take messy action so you can improve your design business a little bit at a time. 

Our aim is to help you upgrade your professionalism and profitability by providing you with actionable resources that will improve the way you work with clients, how you run your business and where you spend your time.   

When your business improves, you will build in confidence, make better decisions, and win back the time and freedom to spend doing the things you LOVE (like working on your client designs or simply spending more time with your family!). 

We offer lifetime access to all course and template purchases. This means you can revisit the materials at your convenience and refining your skills whenever you need to. 😀 


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