The Renovation Project Tracker
The Renovation Project Tracker
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The Renovation Project Tracker

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The Renovation Project Tracker is included FREE as part of The SketchUp Beginners Course and The SketchUp Bundle. If you are purchasing either of those products, don't purchase this one! 

The easy way to organise and track your renovation or remodel project

The Renovation/Remodel Project Tracker is an online tool designed in Notion that will help you plan, track and manage your home renovation/remodel project.

Managing a renovation/remodel project can often feel like juggling too many balls at once. From gathering inspiration and suppliers to managing budget and orders, it can quickly become an overwhelming task.

The Renovation Project Tracker is designed to help you overcome these challenges and put you back in control of your project.

Here’s some of the benefits of using the tracker:

📚 Idea Organisation: Say goodbye to scattered ideas and forgotten inspiration. The customisable ideas database allows you to store and organise your design ideas, suppliers and specific products all in one place.

💰 Comprehensive Budgeting: Track your budget by room, by product type or get a complete overview of the entire project budget. Keep a close eye on your furniture budget versus appliance budget to ensure balanced allocation.

📦 Seamless Order Tracking: Track the status of your orders, lead times and stock levels with ease. Eliminate the stress of chasing multiple suppliers or wondering when a product will arrive.

Good to know: 

⭐️ can be used with the free version of Notion (paid subscription not required)

⭐️ one-time purchase, no ongoing fees for multiple project uses

⭐️  simple to use and comes with video instructions to get you set up

By using the Renovation/Remodel Project Tracker you'll gain:

🎯 Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline your planning process with the comprehensive tracking tool.

💡 Greater Visibility: Get real time insights into your project's progress and budget, allowing for proactive management and adjustments as needed.

🕑 Time Savings: No more wasted hours juggling multiple spreadsheets or notes. Have all your information in one place for quick access and decision making.

💸 Cost Control: Keep your budget under tight control, mitigating the risk of unexpected cost blowouts.

🛋️ Design Clarity: Visualise your design journey with all your ideas, inspiration and product options conveniently stored and accessible.

💭 Peace of Mind: Focus on the fun of creating your dream home, knowing the logistical aspects are under control.

Think of The Renovation/Remodel Project Tracker as your personal project and design manager. It’s designed to simplify the complex task of managing your project and bring ease to what should be a fun and exciting journey for you. 🥳

Once you've signed up you will get immediate access to the template plus a video training to help you implement all of the features. 

You will need a (free) Notion account to use the tracker, but don't worry Notion is really easy to use (and totally life changing!). 

Also make sure to check out all the other templates in our shop. They're designed to work together seamlessly, ensuring a consistent, professional image is presented to your clients across all stages of their project journey.

💰 Your investment: All our templates are a small, one time investment. Put an end to recurring payments for subscription based design software and reuse the templates for every project. They will save you hours of time in creating your own and as your business grows the templates more than pay for themselves.

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When your business improves, you will build in confidence, make better decisions, and win back the time and freedom to spend doing the things you LOVE (like working on your client designs or simply spending more time with your family!). 

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